30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 27 | The First Dance

The first dance is often the last "formality" of a traditional English wedding day, although some first dances are far from traditional!

Usually, family and friends gather in a group around the dance floor to spectate the happy couple having their first dance together as husband and wife. If the couple have kids, it's not unusual to see them on the dance floor too!

Couples decide on a mutually meaningful song to sway to, then family and guests tend to join-in after a minute or so. Before you know it, the dance floor is packed!

The first dance speaks for itself. There's nothing I need to do or add, I am simply documenting this moment, from different angles, as it happens.

Some brides and grooms often dedicate a song to dance with parents or loved ones too, which is always a lovely moment to capture.


Matt HerringtonComment