30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 23 | The Relationship Process

Being a Lancashire wedding photographer is so much more than just photography to me. I enjoy so much more, as well as taking the photos. I love meeting new people, being present on such a meaningful day, bundling life long relationships with each couple, and just genuinely having a great time with what I do.

When I photograph a couples wedding, I feel invested in them. After getting to know the couple, it's hard for me to do anything but my very best effort, as I feel it's so so important for them to have amazing memories to look back on. I just absolutely love the process of getting to know a couple and their story, and then being able to take them through a fantastic experience.

I feel it's important for me to meet with every couple I photograph. Some photographers tend to chat on email, and then show up on the day, but my philosophy is to head into the wedding day as friends rather than "the photographer". 

In a professional manner, I love finding out about the couple. How they met, when they got engaged, what they're planning and what they do with their time together. It's this process which allows me to mould my approach to each couple, as every pair is different.

As discussed in previous blog posts, I put all the effort into my relationship with each couple so that it's easy in front of the lens. I utterly love this process and showing people how beautiful they are in their natural and authentic selves.

Matt HerringtonComment