30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 22 | Black & White

After the wedding is over, and I have all of the photographs safely backed up onto my system, it's time for the edit.

This firstly consists of me choosing the best images from the entire collect which have been taken from the wedding. This process is known as "culling".

After the cull, I then edit each final photograph individually. I often tweak with the images brightness, contrast amount, and colour. This is also the stage where I decide if the image should be processed in colour, or the amazing tones of black and white!

I love black and white photos. I can't really explain why I love them, but it seems to add to the "moment in time" feel. Don't get me wrong, colour photos are a lot more popular and more seen than black and white, but sometimes it just feels right to take the colour away and add the black and white effect!

My favourite use of black and white is when the light in the image is "hard" or "harsh" and high contrast. Black and white simplifies the image and draws your eye to the lighter part of the photograph.

Here are some of my favourite black and white frames.

Matt HerringtonComment