30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 21 | Entertainment

Keeping your guests entertained on such a long day can sometimes be a struggle. But with the right planning, entertainment can leave your family and friends with an amazing experience to finish the day off with.

I totally would recommend spending a decent amount of the wedding budget on some sort of wedding entertainment. Whether it would be a DJ, wedding host, solo artist or band, it really is a worthwhile investment for your day which you won't forget.

I often see wedding days where most of the budget has been spent on the ceremony and reception, but the evening tends to go overlooked. Ensuring you have a quality form of entertainment on the evening will be a decision you definitely won't forget.

I've also worked with lots of photo booth companies, Saxophonist musicians, and caricature artists which can help massively when trying to make your wedding day super special!

Matt HerringtonComment