30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 19 | Dancing

One of my favourite things about photography is having the ability to photograph a moment of high energy and intensity and to be able to freeze it into one single moment.

I love photographing the energy of the wedding dance floor as the night goes on. All of the formalities and traditions are out of the way and now it's the time when people can let their hair down and enjoy themselves dancing! 

As mentioned in most of my blog posts, I try to keep my distance throughout the day to keep people at ease, but this is probably the one exception. I think the best photographs are those where you feel in the moment when you view the image, and I find the only way to get this is to be up close to the action. I tend to jump right into the fun and capture all of the crazy dance moves I can see. It really is so much fun!

Most DJ's and wedding bands have coloured lighting which always adds interest into the dancing photos! 

All of my wedding packages offer full day coverage, with me staying until at least an hour after the first dance, ensuring I capture plenty of fun images! I don't like leaving a story untold.

Matt HerringtonComment