30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 17 | Kids

Kids at weddings really do provide a major part of the entertainment! They are so fun to work with, and most really enjoy dressing up smartly and being a part of an amazing day filled with happiness and joy.

My approach to capturing kids on a wedding day is simple. Let them be themselves! I meet so many little ones with so many different personalities, and commanding them to pose or do something they feel uncomfortable with is definitely not the way forward!

I love taking a casual approach and let the kids run, play and enjoy themselves whilst I capture them having fun on the big day.

Just like adults, kids show their true personalities when they're comfortable and enjoying themselves!

For the quieter kids, I often end up purposely making a fool out of myself so that they start laughing at how much of an idiot I'm being! If it gets a smile or laughter, it's more than worth it for the memories!

I'll always follow one key word with my approach to photographing kids, and that's 'FUN'!

Matt HerringtonComment