30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 16 | The Kiss

Some couples kiss more than others, especially in front of their family and friends. But one thing is for sure, a good old kiss is here to stay for weddings!

The best kissing photos are the ones which happen naturally throughout the day, such as the first kiss as they are pronounced as an official couple. Other than this, kisses usually come about during times when the couple are spending “together” time with each other throughout the busyness and fun of the wedding day!

Newlyweds tend to get carried away in the craze of the wedding day but soon come to realise that they’re there for one main reason, to be officially married together. It’s a lovely moment to capture when it happens without asking for a ‘staged’ photograph.

Photographs with kisses in sometimes feel cheesy, but it looks awesome for photos for creating drama in the scene. The kiss shot is the best way to show love, affection and romance all at once in a moment.

One thing I love about getting the couple to kiss for the camera is that this moment often creates natural conversation, happiness and laughter which looks amazing on the photographs!

Matt HerringtonComment