30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 15 | Nerves

The wedding day can often be an emotional roller coaster for most couples. It's my job to capture all of those emotions. The most part of the day, I'm photographing happiness, laughter and joy, but there's certain times when the nerves and anxiousness kick-in!

As a wedding photographer in Lancashire, I get to observe all of these emotions without having to get involved. 

The most usual time I pick up on nerves is before the ceremony begins. Because my package offers full day coverage, I'm often capturing the preparation stages. The realisation and reality of the wedding day finally hits most couples just hours before they see each other at the alter. 

It's important for me to take a careful approach when photographing people at this time. Whether it be bridesmaids, groomsmen, close family members or the couple themselves, probably the last thing they would want is a photographer in their face. Granted, there's some beautiful natural photos to be captured at this point, but my ethos is to put people's feelings as my priority. 

I often start by meeting everyone without even putting a camera to my face. Shaking hands and greeting with new people helps put them at ease! It's only after everybody is comfortable with me in the location that I'll pick up the camera and start shooting.

This is where I try my best to be a photographic-ninja, hiding myself as much as possible whilst getting the natural moments, but staying unnoticed!

Most grooms tend to show their major nerves whilst waiting on their soon to be bride walk down the aisle. Again, saying hello and having a chat with the groom and his groomsmen always goes a long way to natural photos, before pointing the camera their way. 

Along with the groom, most fathers of the bride and best men tend to do a speech during the wedding breakfast - the emotions are very much apparent at this time of the day, which creates some very interesting photo opportunities!

I always want to capture the best photos for my couples, but I'll always respect people's feelings and emotions first, before taking the picture!

Matt HerringtonComment