30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 14 | Wedding Pets

Every couple I work with is different, and with that, each have completely different ideas and outlooks on how their wedding day should be. 

I always encourage to couples to break tradition where they can, and go their own way with wedding planning.

Parents often advise the couple to invite those who are most important to them on the day, but sometimes, that doesn’t mean they have to be human. I’ve been to a number of weddings over the years where people have invited their well-loved pets for a portion of the wedding day, and I totally love capturing them!

Bringing the family pets along is not only a great way to make your day personal and unique to you, but also provides some great photo opportunities that will be treasured forever!

If bringing your pet along to the wedding day isn't do-able, couples can bring them along to their capture you session instead!

Matt HerringtonComment