30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 13 | Laughter

Laughter is my favourite expression to capture through the camera! I spend lots of time searching for moments which provoke laughter naturally, but most of the time they just happen naturally!

I love those moments where I can completely step back from the bride and groom and capture their love and laughter without having to get involved.

There’s almost always someone in the family who thinks they are a comedian. I try to stay around these jokers as much as possible ready for the next line to happen!

I always try my best to encourage the couples I work with to have fun in each others company, and to be as playful as possible in front of the camera! Taking a casual and fun approach is my favourite approach to creating hilarious natural moments whilst the couple enjoy the process.

I’m so grateful to be invited in to one of the happiest days of someones life and to capture people having a great time and a laugh.

Matt HerringtonComment