30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 12 | Reactions

For me, wedding photography is about capturing genuine, authentic, REAL moments. I love creating styled and dramatic portraits with my brides and grooms, photographing funky details, and capturing important family members, but there’s nothing that beats capturing a 100% natural moment in time.

Today we’re looking at ‘reactions’ on the wedding day, and how they are captured!

I once remember reading an amazing interview with a sports photographer. There was plenty of technical camera related questions asked, but the one that stood out for me was HOW he captured the perfect moments. He responded with the message that whatever you photograph, know that subject inside-out, and be able to anticipate when the moment is about to happen. This really only comes with practice by repetition, and intense observation of your subject.

Each new wedding I photograph, I find myself observing more and more mini-moments that happen, along with the reaction and expression created from them. After I’ve seen it happen once or twice, I can add it to my memory for future weddings, and be ready for the reaction from that specific moment.

Whether it’s the father of the bride’s first time seeing his daughter, the groom howling at the best mans speech, or a reaction to a guest pulling off a totally on-the-edge-of-acceptable dance move, they really do tell the story and narrative of the couples special day, authentically.

This is one of the main reasons I don’t ever get bored of photographing weddings, because each wedding creates it’s own display of natural moments which nobody could predict. I love telling brides and grooms how their wedding day will be so different than others because of this reason!

Matt HerringtonComment