30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 28 | Wedding Planning & Suppliers

Your wedding day really is a physical work of art. All your guests see is the finished masterpiece, but they don't really see how many different people work together to create the wedding! Wedding dresses, groomsmen suits, venues, churches, florists, wedding cars, entertainment, venue decorators, makeup artists, hair stylists and cake decorators make up the most common list of suppliers involved!

Picking the right team for your wedding day reduces a lot of the stress of wedding planning, but there's a huge amount of work to do with just that!

Planning your dream day can sometimes seem overwhelming, but assembling a good team of suppliers can make it work a treat!

My biggest bit of advise to a wedding couple is to get the date and venue booked before anything else. I know this seems obvious, but this is arguably the biggest task on the list. Not only will you have a date to tell other suppliers about, but you'll have an idea on what suppliers will work well with your chosen venue. Suppliers will be able to advise you on your planning with past experiences and stories from working at your chosen venue, which may point you in a productive direction with planning.

A good way to kick things off is to write down a wedding timeline, from the start and finish of the day. Then, work through the timeline to discover what you need to sort! This will give you an initial clear indication of what to book next.

After this, I would recommend with working through the list of suppliers, starting with the "largest" jobs first, such as venue and table decorators, dresses and suits, florists and photographers. These suppliers can get booked up pretty quickly, sometimes years in advance, so it's a good idea to get them booked in.

When booking your first lot of suppliers, feel free to ask them for recommendations for other wedding business' and ideas, as they'll be able to speed up the process for you and help you find what you're after!

Another great idea is to come up with a wedding theme. A theme can consist of a colour scheme, patters or a general aesthetic I.e vintage, rustic, modern. There's lots of ideas on the website Pinterest! When looking for suppliers online, use your themes keywords to narrow down your search.

Be sure to ask family and friends when looking for trusted suppliers too, especially those who have had successful experiences in the past for their wedding. Trust is everything!


30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 27 | The First Dance

The first dance is often the last "formality" of a traditional English wedding day, although some first dances are far from traditional!

Usually, family and friends gather in a group around the dance floor to spectate the happy couple having their first dance together as husband and wife. If the couple have kids, it's not unusual to see them on the dance floor too!

Couples decide on a mutually meaningful song to sway to, then family and guests tend to join-in after a minute or so. Before you know it, the dance floor is packed!

The first dance speaks for itself. There's nothing I need to do or add, I am simply documenting this moment, from different angles, as it happens.

Some brides and grooms often dedicate a song to dance with parents or loved ones too, which is always a lovely moment to capture.



30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 26 | The Ceremony

Argueabley the most anticipated moment of the wedding, the marriage service! 

This is the part of the day where I have to be the most "discreet" I can be, trying to capture the key moments of the service without disturbing anything or anyone!

Some ceremonies are easier to shoot than others. The first thing I observe is the light. You really can't control this, but you can approach it differently if you have time to look around!

After looking at the lighting situation, I then try to establish a good relationship with the service conductor, whether that be a registrar or vicar/priest. Some conductors are more lenient than others when working with photographers. Some wish for you to stand in a certain position throughout the service, whilst others allow you to move freely to get the best shot, with the trust that the photographer won't interrupt or disturb the service. I'd say most civil ceremonies have a more laid back approach when working with photographers, but it tends to be a bit more inconsistent when working in religious premises.

My approach to a wedding day is simple, to capture it as naturally and authentically as possible, so I'm always careful to hang fire when capturing key moments!


30 Days of Wedding Photography | Day 24 | Guests

Wedding planning may always seem to be about the venue, the dress, the table decorations, the flowers and the entertainment. To a certain extent, it is. But what couples come to realise, is that it all boils down to the people there, the family, and close friends who each individually make up a massive part of your lives and relationship.

Wedding guests are often overlooked in wedding photography, often being put to the "bottom of the list" in priority of family photos. To me, they're just as important as the wedding party and I feel it's my duty to document them as much as possible too!

I love meeting and chatting with friends of the bride and groom. I love hearing about how they know/met the bride or groom and what their story is with them. As you can imagine, I hear plenty of hilarious tales about the couple at this point!

It may be a family friend, distant relative, work colleague, university mate, or a childhood legend. All of these people invited to your special day have massive relevance and it would be a damn shame not to capture them!

The people make the wedding!